5 Ways to Create Additional Business Income

Do you have a private practice or are you working for someone and would like to create additional income for you and your family?  There are many ways to create extra income.  I am going to show you 5 ways in which you can do this.
  • Create an eBook 
Creating an eBook is an excellent way to help others and share your knowledge.  Here are a few ways to do this.  One way is to create your ebook and self-publish it on Amazon KDP,  and another way is to create your ebook and sell it on your own website.
  • Create an Online Course
Creating an online course is great way to help a lot of people and leverage your time.  Creating an online course takes time in the beginning, but once your course is created, all you might need to do is update it and tweak it based on the feedback you receive from your students.
  • Create an Online Webinar
An online webinar is a valuable way to share your expertise with others.  There are various platforms that you can use such as a live or recorded video on Facebook if you have a Facebook page or group.  You could also use Zoom which is a video platform that you can use for free or GoTo Meetings.  There are many other platforms as well.
  • Create a Digital Product
A Digital Product has unlimited potential and it could be anything that you create.  It could be a guide, a program, a planner, an e-book, or a chart that relays information.  The ideas and potential are endless!
  • Create an Online Group Training Program
An online group program is a helpful approach for providing group training for people who have barriers to attending a live event, and it’s an effective way to reach more people so that you can help others and share your knowledge.  Groups are also a helpful way for group members to learn from each other.