Annual Marketing Plan – Day 1


So much to do, here's the plan:

What do your clients need? How can you help them

Articulate you message to the world

Convert your content into small consumable pieces

Now you get to plan how to distribute your content over the year.

Schedule your year with helpful technology

Engage with your audience


ready, set, go

Review & Leverage

Let's get started! Even if this is your very first year of starting an online presence you have content that you can review.


Take a look at all the content that you put out last year. All of your social media posts, all of your pictures, all of your blog posts, courses, or any resources you put into the world wide web.

If this is your first year of online marketing, look around in your private practice at content that you are already handing out to your clients. Things like handouts, resource, blog links, textbooks and articles you rely on frequently.

While you review your content that you have created or use so frequently that you know it inside and out IDENTIFY THEMES. Try to group your content into topics that make sense. This will help you when you are making your content calendar and trying to produce predictable content that is released at consistent times. For example:

You discover that you have a lot of information about improving balance. You decide to post a balance exercises on your blog, with a quick tip and link on your social media every second thursday of the year.


For those of you who have a years worth of content to look back on take this time to also see which posts your followers looked at. What posts on social media got the most likes? Which blog posts had the most views on your site. If you are using a WordPress blog these stats can be found if you sync with the official WordPress provider. It can also be found on your blog with plugins like Jetpack and Sumo. You can also get this data with services like Google Analytics.

Notice what your followers like and need. Try to make more of this type of content for them in 2019! If you worked on content that did not get any response from your followers... it may be because you have reached out to the wrong crowd (too many family members following your page and not enough real clients) or your social media draw was not appealing enough to click on.

You don't want to take your old blog posts and re-post them without updating them somehow. Even just updating the pictures and maybe adding a bit more to the content can make a post fresh and new again WITHOUT starting from SCRATCH!


Making your content new again by refreshing it is great! But now that you have a bit of content to work with, why not leverage it further. This means PAID content 🙂 YAY. For example:

You discover in your content review that many other health professionals are following and commenting on your balance posts from last year

You decide to make all your clinic education forms on balance a virtual product on your blog that clinicians can download as a PDF after purchase

There are many other ways that you can leverage your content. You can print physical workbooks to sell, courses for clients, handouts for families, and so much more. Get creative! Take what you already have and make it just a little bit better.

Optimizing every area of your business!

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