Annual Marketing Plan – Day 2


So much to do, here's the plan:


What do your clients need? How can you help them


Articulate you message to the world


Convert your content into small consumable pieces


Now you get to plan how to distribute your content over the year.


Schedule your year with helpful technology


Engage with your audience


ready, set, go

Market Research

Finding out about your client's needs might seem intimidating at first. Never fear! There are some very easy things you can do to get this information.

Technique 1: Actual conversation

When creating content for your clients the best content is what they actually need. This way you will get 'Engagement' on your content which triggers search engines like Google and algorithms in Facebook to draw more people to your content. More online views will turn around to more face to face clients or sales for online content you may have.

Data collection can take time, think back or start tracking the answers to the following questions now:

  • What are your face to face clients asking you for?
  • What resources do you find you hand out all the time?
  • What follow up questions do you seem to get?

Answering these questions will give you a read on what your local community needs, gaps in the current easily accessible and trusted information.

Technique 2: Following Blogs

  • If you are not in blogs that your clients are in... join some!
  • What questions are people asking in these groups that you could help them with?

Technique 3: Textbook Research

Remember in school when you were working on a case study? You looked up all about that client's condition and possible issues they may be having in their life as a result. You can do the same thing now!

  • Choose your population / diagnosis
  • Research common life challenges
  • Research common safe for everyone tips and ideas to try

Technique 4: Keywords

Keywords are what the internet uses to track and bring you to relevant information. There are services like Google keywords that you can use as a marketer to discover exactly what words your clients are using to search for information. There are so many ways to looks for something, it's important to know what MOST people search so that you can build those EXACT words into your posts.

Example of similar content with different search keywords: Funny cat videos, Hilarious cat videos, funny kitties, silly kitties

Here is a free version of a keyword tool

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