Annual Marketing Plan – Day 3


So much to do, here's the plan:

What do your clients need? How can you help them

Articulate you message to the world

Convert your content into small consumable pieces

Now you get to plan how to distribute your content over the year.

Schedule your year with helpful technology

Engage with your audience


ready, set, go

Realistic Content Calendar

Developing a content calendar helps guide your online presence for the year. This helps so much when you are sitting down to create content... especially if you suffer from writer's block! Today lets take all the content you have been reviewing and the market research you have completed and place it over the 2019 year.


Why are you developing an online presence? It's not just because I told you to šŸ˜‰

What is your overall goal for your private practice?Ā Take some time to decide on a three year or a five-year goal for your private practice. What services do you want to offer? What income do you want to make? How many employees? How many vacation days? Can you summaries your goals into one big overall vision statement? (don't stress too much about this, its just a guiding statement)

It's important to plan, just not as important to follow the plan

Once you have determined your big picture practice goal use this to develop and guide your 2019 year goal. Your 5-year goal guides your one-year goals which in turn guides you quarter goals, which then determine your monthly goals, then finally weekly goals! phew*

Topdown planning helps to make your content reliable and consistent

Content Calendar Creation

  1. Find a 2019 calendar and create a way to look at the year in a glance. I love to print off each month onto an 8x11 sheet of paper and lie them on a big table or the floor. I also enjoy dividing a whiteboard into the 12 months since I can easily write and erase my ideas. There are also many online content management schedulers that you can use and be paperless! They are just harder to look at all the months at once on one screen.
  2. Take your Leveraged Content and distribute it over a year. There are a few things you should keep in mind about this:
    • When are people available for courses? Did you get success with your timing last year - or was your feedback that you need to shift to a different time of year?
    • Is your content bite size? Can it be distributed over the year in weekly posts associated to a specific hashtag? #MoreLoveMonday #TipTuesday #WiseWednesday #ThursdayThoughts #FeelGoodFriday
    • If your leveraged content is to develop a new resource... when do YOU have time to do the creation before launching?
    • Don't feel pressure to create multiple posts per week or ever per month! The idea is CONSISTENCY --> even if that means one post a month.
  3. Now, look at your new market research. Does your current content calendar meet the need that you have discovered? What new content do you need to develop to meet this need? How can you shift your years content to meet this need? If you are developing new content to meet this need you will need the time to do it built into your life! Please DON'T overwhelm yourself, this is how you fall off the bandwagon and stop keeping up with your schedule.

CongratulationsĀ on your calendar! we will use this for PROFITABILITY and AUTOMATION over the next two days šŸ™‚

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