Annual Marketing Plan – Day 4


So much to do, here's the plan:

What do your clients need? How can you help them

Articulate you message to the world

Convert your content into small consumable pieces

Now you get to plan how to distribute your content over the year.

Schedule your year with helpful technology

Engage with your audience


ready, set, go

Profitability vs Free

Welcome to day 4! You are doing great and you are almost all ready for your 2019 marketing year.

Since you now have a fabulous content calendar that meets your clients needs its time to think about how much you are providing for free and how much you are going to charge for... and how much that charge will be.

Free Content

The internet is FULL of free content. What makes you the expert that you can justify charging money for your knowledge?

This is the first thing that your own self-doubt and a business coach will ask you. Don't be scared away from charging for content because of this! Here are some thoughts to hopefully bolster your ability to charge for your value!

  1. Did you do work to bring together a large comprehensive amount of information in an easily consumable package? This has HUGE value rather than the client googling and searching for hours to only find contradicting information to solve their problem.
  2. Are you an expert in your field? YES! Of course you are! You are a licensed health professional! You don't have to be an international guru to help a person who is not a health professional.
  3. Do you provide this content in face to face sessions or classes? Online can feel different from face to face sessions but it really is the same. You are helping to support your clients, just in a more remote way. Just be careful to be clear what the information is for and don't provide information that requires one on one therapist supervision and supports 🙂

Now, what can you give away for free...

Free content is a great draw for more people to visit your site, which then they will discover your private practice, then they will learn you are amazing from all your great content, and will request a visit with you.

Lot's of online marketers create amazing comprehensive content - which they then summarize into single posts, little tempting bite-size pieces to draw the client again to the paid content. Your paid content... it could be your in-person services!

YES you are free to give all your online content away for free!

Most of the: small social media posts, about you, did you know, motivational posts, are usually all free.

Paid Access Content

Now that you have split off what you want to charge for you will need some way to process payment on your site. There are lots of plug-in stores that can be installed onto a WordPress site and many of the other sites. Most of these stores can be linked up to a PayPal account for easy processing from all major credit cards.

YOU get to CHOOSE your pricing model

Here are some guiding thoughts on how to pick your price:

  1. If the client came to get this information from you in person, what would you have charged them for the session?
  2. How much are other people charging for similar amounts of content?
  3. What is your overall financial goal for the month, quarter, year, 5-year?
  4. Have you sold online content before? What price have your clients generally agreed to buy into?

Distribute your pricing over your calendar and total it up 🙂

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