Annual Marketing Plan – Day 5


So much to do, here's the plan:

What do your clients need? How can you help them

Articulate you message to the world

Convert your content into small consumable pieces

Now you get to plan how to distribute your content over the year.

Schedule your year with helpful technology

Engage with your audience


ready, set, go

Creation & Automation

Last day! Horray!

You now have some amazing content and a year plan to follow. It's time to make your life a bit easier and offload as much as possible to the world of Automation.


Pick one or all of the following programs to use. These programs will post to social media for you so that you don't have to! They have free and paid versions that you can use. The free versions have maximums build in - for example Hootsuite only allows 30 free scheduled posts. Some of the social media platforms, like Facebook, have scheduling posts build right in!

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Meet Edgar
  4. HubSpot

Here is a walkthrough video on how to use Hootsuite

Here is a walkthrough video on how to use Buffer

Social Media Platforms

Which platforms have you tried using? Where did you find your client presence when you were doing your market research? Decide which platforms you would like to use. It is ok to use the same content on two different platforms as long as your audience is different on those platforms... if your audience is the same client you will need to present different posts so they don't get bored.

Platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat

Take the leveraged content that you already have and schedule your links or your pictures into one of the above tools. Remember if you are only using Facebook use the build in (up to 6 months) scheduler. If you are posting the same content to two different sites, one of the above programs will be very helpful for scheduling. Follow your content calendar!


Bulk creation is how I make it through my year. I sit down and create at least a months worth of content - schedule it and then don't worry about it! 🙂 Sometimes I will post spontaneously because of something that happened in my life, and this is not in my content calendar - its just extra.

If you have chosen to create weekly content for a specific hashtag try to create a bunch and schedule them now!

Tip: Use snap chat to take a photo of a unicolor background, use their fancy text options to write your message and save the snap to your phone. Use these pictures as social media posts!

Optimizing every area of your business!

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