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E-HIS Product Release

January 25, 2017 E-HIS charting software was launched onto the market! The software includes:

  • Address book:

    • Search for your client or add them to the E-HIS system.
    • All clients in the E-HIS system have ONE chart. This way the health professionals in their circle of care are able to see previous interventions and recommendations used.
  • Charting:

    • Open your client’s chart by answers our security question.
    • You can then see that clients previous unlocked records from other health providers in their care circle and add records of your own.
    • If you are entering sensitive information that you do not want to share with the rest of the care team you can easily lock the record. You can leave a locked record so that only you can see it, or you can add other providers to that specific record to share the sensitive information while keeping it secure.
  • Resource Store:

    • We have various pre-made charting templates that you can integrate into your version of E-HIS software. THATS RIGHT! There is nothing pre-loaded into your software. Its clean, modern, and uncluttered. You only add what you actually use to your personal version.
    • There are also other forms like handouts, assessments, and interventions for your clients that you can get in our resource store.
  • Template Builder:

    • If we don’t have the form of your dreams you can use the template builder to make your own form! for FREE! It’s super easy to use. You can even publish your form to the resource store for other health professionals to use.
  • Training:

    • You can access exclusive training once you have joined the E-HIS system. Training courses are around business management, Legislation Standards, and different modalities / treatment approaches.
  • Community

    • Join a forum! Ask any question you need to ask without fear of a client seeing the discussion. Our community is encrypted and secure, for members only.
    • There are also business discussion areas to see what other people are doing in their practice and how they are finding their clients.
    • Develop a mentor – mentee relationship with another person in your field of practice. There is no need to feel disconnected and isolated! Contact us if you need help finding support.