Over this past month, things have been extremely busy for me between family, work and taking classes. Throughout all of this, I realized that it was time to really harness my energy and focus on a few things rather than trying to do everything all at once. This had me thinking about all aspects of my life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Through a discussion with a friend of mine, he said that it seemed like I was in a competition with time. As I reflected on his comment, I realized that he was right. I have been taking too many classes over the past three years, doing too many things and sending my energy off into too many directions. In the past month, I have slowed down considerably and I began zeroing in on a few goals in order to have more balance in my life, so that I can have more space and time for myself to relax, enjoy leisure activities, and to reflect on different things in my life. I realized that keeping things simple, minimizing distractions, clearing away clutter, and focusing on what is most important to me is an approach that I have been working towards. Some tips that I came across recently that have helped me to focus and create more time for relaxation and to just “be”.

1. Keep things simple, clear clutter and minimize (this could be emails that have been piled up, things you don’t need, old clothing, etc). Creating more open space in one’s environment invites positive energy to flow through, which may lead to creativity, calmness and less things to clean up.
2. Think about and understand what made you lose focus in the first place.
3. Be clear on your goals and make them solid and tangible.
4. Know your purpose for doing what you do.
5. Trust other people to do things, so that you are not doing everything yourself.
6. Make sure you know your priorities on a regular basis.
7. Remember to pace yourself and don’t be afraid of distraction because relaxing and having fun are important ways to give yourself a break. These breaks are priceless and needed, as they create the space for creativity and regeneration.
8. Ask others for help and ideas if you are encountering a challenging situation. Other people can be a great support and resource.
9. Stay on track with your goals in all areas of life (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual).

I hope these tips are helpful for you and I will update you on my progress in my next post. Have a great month everyone and Happy Summertime to you all !