A Confused Mind

Happy July folks! Can you believe it’s here already?

In my last post I got to explain a little bit about how I can help you build your business. I will take some of the stress off your shoulders by delivering dozens of new leads to your inbox every month using online lead generation strategies.

But how come this strategy is any better than just linking someone to your website?

Because A Confused Mind Always Says NO - just like Paul Wright in Australia explains in his blog.

Imagine this, someone sees your ad on Facebook for knee-pain solutions.

They get all excited because finally they have someone speaking straight to them! “That sounds like my knee! Maybe they can actually help!”

So they click away and they immediately end up on the general - homepage of your website, which although beautifully crafted, is not where they need to land, and has indication of that knee-pain ad.

At this point they may start clicking around the website trying to find anything that looks like the ad they just got pumped about, but more likely than not, they will just close the page and never return.

Your average hominid would rather take the safest choice and do nothing when confronted with WAY too much information and too many distractions.

(a kind-of fear of failure that I’ll be writing about in my next blog)

I had this EXACT problem once, and learned very quickly. My client wanted their lead to land right onto their home page so they can get people the right forms and information BEFORE they register, and I went ahead and set up the landing pages so they were directed to the home page.

Clicks on the ad were great, conversions into leads were happening every day and I collected plenty of new leads for this client, however they weren’t booking themselves in like I wanted them to. This meant that my client had to sit down and start phoning all these folks…

“Ain’t no-body got time for that!”

Remember, a confused mind will always say NO.

Now instead, imagine that you’re pumped about this knee pain ad, “That sounds like my knee! Maybe these guys can actually help me!”...

You click on the ad…

It takes you to a landing page that looks and sounds the same… “Sweet!”

The thank you page says the same stuff and asks you to call, or book yourself in…”Don’t mind if I do!”

And you’re taken straight to the right person on staff with plenty of availability to book yourself in!





(Thank you Stevie Wonder)

Doesn’t that sound better?

With the right systems in place, your online lead generation strategies turn your Facebook ad into an automated appointment-booking machine, which means no phone calls for you and your front desk.

So if you or someone you know would like a system in your business that predictably churns out new customers, setup a phone call with me.




I’m looking forward to chatting with you!