Happy August folks! I was aghast that July happened already but here we are hurtling towards August.

How are your business goals shaping up?

What goals did you set? Are you checking in on them regularly?

In my last post I touched on an issue that I bet a lot of us struggle with. I sure do...

Fear of failure.

In my observations when presented with something new, difficult or requiring learning, some folks full say “Nope” and opt out.

Lot’s of reasons could pop up, like time, money, difficulty, and probably many fears as well that might have to do with loss of investment or even possibility for injury (depending on the extreme sport or rattlesnake wrangling that you may be attempting)... and all these reasons are well and good, but once in a while you might have a deeper fear lurking behind these reasons.

"What if I fail?"

Some of us live with quite a lot of shame wrapped up around failure. Our culture is definitely getting better at encouraging people to “Take chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!” (Miss. Frizzle) but when the stakes are high, when you’ve got a business on the line, and employees, clients, deadlines, and a family to support, it sure seems like there is less room to get messy.

Thankfully though, setting up a business isn’t just guesswork! There are endless resources for guiding you, supporting you and setting you up for success! From every aspect, there are a plethora of well seasoned professionals that want to share their piece on building up a business.

I’ve got you covered on the marketing side, as part of the cohesive team. At this point, we are looking at what systems are failing, not if YOU are failing.

So if your current lead generation system is not delivering predictable and reliable leads to your clinic, setup a phone call with me.




I’m looking forward to chatting with you!