Billing Processes

As you may already know... I love processes! They help me run my business with ease AND they help me remember everything I need to do.

The money side of a private practice has a few steps. The number of steps depends on some decisions that you have to make. So, let's make some decisions...¬†POP QUIZ! Don't worry, all the answers are correct ūüôā just depends on your preferences.


  1. How will you be billing / invoicing your clients?

a. Immediately after the treatment session, I will make them a paper bill/receipt in triplicate

b. Immediately after the treatment session, I will make an electronic bill (due immediately)

c. Immediately after the treatment session, I will make an electronic invoice (due within 30 days)

d. When I do my billing, I will make an electronic invoice (due within 30 days)

e. I will let my bookkeeper know to invoice the client

2. How will you receive payment?

a. Cash or Cheque

b. E-Transfer

c. Point of Service (POS) Machine (debit/credit machine)

3. How will you provide receipts?

a. My clients pay immediately, they receive a triplicate paper receipt or POS receipt

b. I send my clients an electronic receipt

c. I let my bookkeeper know to issue an invoice

4. How will you be keeping your businesses books?

a. I keep my books on my own in Excel

b. I keep my books with a program (e.g. Quick Books, Fresh Books)

c. I have a Bookkeeper

d. I keep all my invoices and receipts to give to my accountant at the end of the year

Now, lets put your answers together! That's your process flow.

The flow that I have chosen for my OT private practice is this: I let my bookkeeper know to¬†invoice or provide a receipt to a specific client. I accept cash, cheque, and E-Transfers... which is why my bookkeeper sometimes jumps right to receipts. For some of my clients I ask her to invoice them each session, but for my regulars, we usually invoice once a month (less paperwork ūüėČ always my goal). Some of my clients need an invoice and a receipt for their benefits claims. Again I just let my bookkeeper know. Sometimes my clients even just let my bookkeeper know! And of course, I have a bookkeeper for bookkeeping - So I send her my expense receipts as well!

Your bookkeeper needs specific info from you so that they can make and send an accurate and professional invoice. I made this very simple app for you that I even use in my practice.

Before I had a bookkeeper I used QuickBooks... but I found it confusing. It had too many other functions that I didn't need. So I used Excel. If you are doing your books yourself make sure you schedule a specific time to do them at least once a month. It's easy to forget or lose receipts!