Can you say YES to change?

I know change can be hard and scary.

I also know that you cannot just use your willpower to continually force yourself to do things that make you super uncomfortable.

So, with these normal natural barriers how do you become the private practice practitioner that you want to be? Baby steps!

1. Make a plan

Planning is very valuable! But following your plan is not necessarily important.

Life is not predicable and cooperative. By planning and moving in a certain direction you can move towards where you want to be. All the challenges you will run into along the way will help you grow! If you run into a challenge and cannot alter your plan to get around it you will get stuck and discouraged.

Face each day with your business intent and general direction you want to go in. This will help you build the practice you will actually enjoy working on and help you to stay motivated.

2. Take action and put some skin in the game

  • Put yourself out there! Let people know that you have started your business. I mean everyone!! Talk about your new business all the time. You would be surprised who can help you find clients or who wants to be your client. Make a social media presence and go around face to face in your community to let people know what you do.
  • Join the E-HIS community, join the App. How many times have you bought a gym membership and gone just because you bought the membership. A community can help you be accountable and help you to show up at the beginning of your change process.
  • Just one action a day, which is all that is needed. You don’t have to create an amazing business over night! I always find that my business tries to keep me up at night. Right when you lie down your brain starts telling you all these interesting ideas or worries. I find that writing these down help calm my mind. You can wake up in the morning, pick up your list and maybe have a solution to problems or a way to implement your new brilliant idea!

I was listening to a great talk on a Podcast called the Practice of Practice. One of the guest speakers was talking about change being a long dark tunnel. You know that on your side of the tunnel you have a good reliable job. Your life is stable and safe but there is no more space to grow. You can choose to go through the tunnel but you don’t know what you will have to face in the tunnel or how far the tunnel is. I thought this was a great analogy for change and how we respond to risk.

It’s only frightening before you start!

Once you step into the tunnel your eyes will adjust and you will see it’s not that bad. There’s even other people in the tunnel with you! You are never alone. You are never the first person to meet a certain challenge. You are not the first person to try something in your small or large community. Others have done it before you and you can do it now!

Make steps forward that you can manage and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Make a wonderful day!