Choose Your Niche

Once you have chosen your course topic, it is important to choose your niche.  Having a niche helps you to stand out and be seen as unique. It also helps you to attract your ideal clients to your course. When course creators say their course is for everyone, or that they help everyone, they end up attracting no one because they are too general in saying who they help. 
A niche includes your ideal client’s identity label such as mother, empty nester, CEO, sales person, athlete, or therapist, etc.  It also includes a specific pressing problem that wakes your client up at 2 am, and they really need a solution to this problem. Your niche also needs to be something you are passionate about, something you love doing, something you are interested in.  It needs to be something that you can see yourself focusing on in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years from now. It is really important that your niche is something that holds your interest!
Profit is another area to look at.  Is your course topic something people have a history of paying for?  It is important to choose a course topic and a niche where your ideal client is someone that would pay for what you are offering them.  Here is an example of a niche statement:
My online course is a parenting program for caregivers to help their preschool children with frustration.

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