Choosing your course topic

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Choosing Your Course Topic

Deciding upon a course topic can be quite clear or challenging if you have many ideas for a course that you would like to create.  Your course idea might be very specific, or you might already have an idea that is quite broad. The key is to zero in on a specific course topic, and on your unique talents, skills and knowledge.  Remember that if there may be courses online that are like yours, but no one will have a course just like yours with your unique signature style in how you develop and teach your course! Typically, online courses that sell, are the ones that help people solve a specific problem.  These include courses that teach a personal success path or a transformation, those that teach a specific approach or how to do something, and those that teach a clear system to follow. Another topic idea is something you already do 1-1.

When you create your online course topic, it is important to make sure that it has a specific outcome for your students, and it is best to break it into steps of what needs to happen to achieve the course outcomes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you develop your course topic:

  1. Is there a specific system that you achieved results with, and that you could teach others to implement?
  2. Are you doing 1-1 work that you could teach to groups?
  3. Have you experienced a transformation that you can take others through with your process?
  4. Do you have a specific skill or one that you have learned to do through trial and error and experienced success, that you can teach others about.

Do you have a course topic in mind that you are passionate about and that you could teach others about?  What are the results that students will achieve from your course?

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