Course Outcomes

Before you begin creating your course, it is important to think about your course outcome, in other words, the overarching result that your ideal client will get from taking your course.  It is important that your outcome is clear and specific. Once you develop your course outcome, all of your course modules, topics, and lessons will relate back to your course outcome. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
What changes for clients after they take your course?
What will students be able to do or have as a result of going through your course and achieving the desired outcome of your course?  
Was their problem solved?  
Did they get what they desired?
Can you deliver the outcomes due to your experience and expertise? 
 Think about what your clients want and the problem they want solved.  As you are creating your outcome, think about your ideal client. Your ideal client is who you are creating your course for.  As you create your course, always have your ideal client in mind and what is best for them, so that you are meeting your ideal client’s needs and wants. 
Here are some examples of course outcomes:  
After completing the course, students will be able to choose the appropriate coping strategy for a child’s frustration and guide them through the steps of the coping strategy.
After completing the social media course, students will be able to create a business page on facebook, post tweets on Twitter and demonstrate how to pin a photo on Pinterest.
What course topic do you have in mind? 
What is the overall outcome of your course?

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