Having an Online Presence

Hey friends, November is almost over!

Christmas is around the corner! Woo hoo!

I wanted to share with you the importance and value in having an online presence. It’s easy to brush it off as not being that valuable when starting up a fresh business, but you’d be surprised at how much influence it has.

Having an active Facebook, Instagram and other social media presence helps to build recognition which makes your business turn into a household name. When someone is chatting casually about the clinic they go to, those around them will recognize the name automatically because your lovely faces have already been seen in their newsfeeds.

Which makes cool stuff happen. One of my clients had the fun experience of having a stranger walk up to them in Costco and said, “Hey! You’re Dr. Mark!”.

And Dr. Mark felt like a CELEBRITY. Which is AWESOME.

Not only will people recognize the brand name, but they will know your face, your logo and when they see you around town, they see you as a caring member of their community.

When a good online presence has developed, running lead generation ads becomes all the more powerful. People are happy to engage with a well known figure in the community.

But of course this all takes time.

Why not book a time to chat with me about how we can build a dynamite business in your community!

Chat soon!