Market Research

Conducting market research is the most important step to take before creating your course.  By doing this, you find out if there is a need for your course. Course validation will save you time and disappointment, because by thoroughly working through this step, you will find out if your course is something your clients want and will pay money for.  
There are many ways to conduct market research.  The first way is by Conducting Market Research Interviews (MRIs) with your ideal clients.  This is a great way to determine interest, needs and what your clients’ problems are.  It is very important to ask your ideal client very specific questions. Listening well, taking meticulous notes, and writing down the words that your clients use is really important when you are researching their needs.  By doing MRIs, you learn exactly what clients want and what they struggle with in their own words.  
 Researching Facebook groups on your topic, by being a careful listener and asking questions is a great way to gather market research information.  Searching for books on your topic and reading Amazon books reviews is also a great way to find out what potential clients are looking for.  Searches on Google and Quora are great ways to research your topic and client needs as well.  When you conduct a search on these platforms, you will be able to see what some of the most searched topic are.
Compiling all of your research into one master document is very helpful.  This is where you can list common problems, needs and what your ideal clients are looking for, to help solve their problems.  Once you compile all of the information and look for commonalities, you will be able to determine if your course topic is viable.  This is how you validate your course topic. If you find out that there is a need for your course, then you can begin creating your course.  The information that you gather from your market research can be great content ideas for your course.   
Is there a topic that you are interested in creating a course on?  If there is, try out some of these market research strategies and see what you find out!  Remember to document the results of your research.

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