Massive Open Online Courses - Why they are great

MOOCS, MOOCS, MOOCS!  The Gem for expanding your practice!

A few years ago, when I first heard the term “MOOCS”, I had no idea what that meant.  This term was introduced to me when I was enrolled in my first masters level course during my Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Instructional Design Program, at Athabasca University.  It wasn’t until I began researching MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) through my involvement in distance education, that I truly learned about their value. Many of MOOCS that I have enrolled in, contain high-quality content, present great learning opportunities, and access for people all around the world, providing they have a computer or a mobile device to access these courses.  

There are many free MOOCS available, offering a wide range of courses, and even complete programs and certificates for a nominal fee.  The programs are vast, ranging from computer programming, digital marketing, and across the spectrum to learning about Autism, writing, and photography.    MOOCS are offered by a range of professionals, from those who have years of work experience in their field to those who have Master and Doctorate degrees in their field of expertise.  Some MOOCS have their own websites where they offer an abundance of MOOCS, other MOOCS are offered through university websites such as Berkley University, University of Toronto and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

I am currently enrolled in a Digital Marketing 12 in 1 course on Udemy, where the instructor has developed the course in 12 in-depth modules, comprised of step by step practical learning experiences, focused on implementing various digital marketing practices and implementing marketing tools.  Students also have access to the instructor through discussion posts or by emailing the instructor directly. Udemy is an online course marketplace which offers a diverse range of courses that consist of student reviews, as well as the opportunity to preview each course by viewing a brief video or first lesson, and the syllabus for the entire course.  Other Udemy courses that I am enrolled in are Developing Professional WordPress Sites, Instructional Design, and a Wire Jewelry course.

I have used MOOCS to develop my skills so that I could expand and develop my practice, as well as for learning things that I am interested in.  The opportunities for learning are endless!

Below is a list of MOOC websites for your enjoyment. A search for “Free MOOCS” will bring up even more sites that offer free MOOCS from the Alison website of free courses, or Curtain University in Australia.  Universities throughout the world are now offering MOOCS. I hope that you have fun exploring these websites!