Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

“Ok Amy, so I’ve scanned your blogs in the past. Why do you use Facebook?”

One of the strategies that I use to help businesses grow is Facebook.

I bet you're aware of how compulsively the public uses Facebook, it's therefore one of the best resources for getting your customer's attention.

Much more effective than emails and cold calling, Facebook lets us target the specific people we want to reach and speak directly to them through ads.

Furthermore, Facebook gives us the power to nurture our customers slowly over time so that they become better and better prospects as we reach out to them.

We do this by sending traffic through to landing pages and have them subscribe to newsletter or blog post style emails over the next year (or twelve as long as they don’t unsubscribe).

We also create retargeting ads right in Facebook that capture your prospects attention again and again, even if they haven’t subscribed to your email list. Retargeting ads are able show your ad to the people that almost entered their information and prompt them, remind them and encourage them to re-engage with the ad.

More often than not, you won’t make a sale on the first point of contact, so using follow up strategies and retargeting ads can make up the bulk of your leads.

Among other strategies, the power of follow up and retargeting is not something you want to pass up when considering your marketing initiatives.

Why don't we chat some more over the phone about what strategies would work best for your growing company.

Maybe you have quite a few bases covered but could use a leg up in one particular area.

It could make all the difference in getting to your business goals this year!