Your Business as an Allied Health Professional

Hey Friends,

Congratulations on starting your business as an allied health professional. Personally, I think there could be no better business opportunity. As we all know pretty well by now, there will always be people in pain, people needing rehabilitation, pain management, strengthening, etc etc.

So maybe you think you'll have new patients pounding down your doors...

Mmm...not so much hey?

Especially as a new business. Sometimes it seems like a new clinic needs at least 100 Facebook Likes before someone books in at all.

So aside from putting up a sign and hosting an open house...

where are you patients coming from?


Word of mouth???

Not to bash word of mouth but I bet you're thinking "there has got to be a better way!"

And I'm sure you've considered some forms of Posts?...Instagram??

When it comes to advertising, all businesses NEED it, or they die, pure and simple.

But are you sick of spammy sales gurus selling entrepreneur-pixie-dust and singing “You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!”?

I feel ya. Maybe you’ve even given them the benefit of the doubt and went for it, but all you got were stock campaigns that didn’t rep your business well at all, let alone get leads to convert.

**Hand-over-heart** you will not find that here.

So when you say how much is it going to COST? Let's think about this question for a second...

Wouldn't you say it would be beneficial to generate new patients every month, and to RETAIN them as returning patients? If you pay someone that you employ now, let's say in the range of $700 - $800 per week, then how much would you pay someone to look after all your advertising and generate NEW business for you every week?

How MUCH is that really worth to you?

What you’ll get from me is genuine interest and assessment of what you actually need to get your business to grow. Let me invest my time in you to find out exactly what would make your business poof right up, no cookie-cutters in sight.
Once we map out where you’re at, I’ll strategize the best place to start and shoot you a proposal for online and offline lead generating strategies to get you dozens of new patients regularly and predictably!!

So if you or someone you know would like a system in your business that predictably churns out new customers, setup a phone call with me.




I’m looking forward to chatting with you