Day 2: FB Page Challenge

Now onto the finer details about building your page and getting connected to the community around you.

Each page type has a few slight differences. But all the different pages have a few important elements:

  • Page Photo:

    • This is the first thing that people will see on your page. Your business should be represented by you! Put a picture of yourself on your Facebook business page picture.
    • You can choose a photo that is professional to convey your expertise or a friendlier casual photo to make you appear approachable.
    • But please don’t use a selfie. Have another person take the photo so you appear how other people see you… instead of very close to your face.
  • Cover Photo:

    • This is a great place to put a photo of where you physically work.
    • But if you go to your client’s home or work out of your house this won’t work. Time to make a banner!
  • Making A Banner

    • I love using to make all my banners. It’s really easy to use and they have lots of examples for you to follow. The ideal banner for your Facebook page should be 851x315 pixels. You can put custom dimensions like this in the top right corner of Canva.
  • You can put your business name on your banner, or a slogan!
  • You can put a picture of something beautiful or anything else you want as the background of your banner.
  • One thing that you have to worry about though it picture/image ownership. There is an easy way to do this! Do a Google or Pinterest search on the core idea of your business. When you start to see images that resonate with you… don’t get too attached. Go back to google and put in the keywords that brought up the images that you liked. Or better yet a keyword that is very specific about what you want. Then click on the ‘Tools’ Button. This will bring up a new menu. One of the new options is called ‘Usage Rights’. Click on this one and pick ‘Labeled for reuse’. This means that the images are safe for commercial use and you won’t get in trouble for using someone else’s image without paying them first.
  • Of course, you can always use a photo you took yourself, or a photo that you purchased.

How to change your page pictures

  1. Move your mouse over the banner or page photo picture
  2. Click on the icon that appears, It will also pop up change image when you get to the right spot
  3. Follow the cues to upload your own image

And that's it!

Remember to share your banner with the group! We would love to see your hard work 🙂