Day 3: FB Page Challenge

The about section is where new people will go right after looking through your most recent posts.

Heres some ideas on how to fill this section out:

The first area is called Story / Description: If you are a fantastic storyteller or you know a folklorist use this area to engage your viewers in a story about who you are and what you are all about! But if you are not the best writer or you don’t know what to say. Keep your message short and concise. But make sure your business intent has been summarized here, this is the first message your viewers get directly from you about you.

The next area is called ‘General’, this is where that information went when you set up your page. You can change those settings if you feel you made a mistake. But I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Your viewer won’t examine this area too much. It likely is involved in Facebook's algorithms and when they display your page based on their user's search criteria.

‘Business Info’ is about how expensive your services are and if you have parking. You can leave this blank. This section applies more to restaurants.

‘Additional Contact Info’ is where you leave your email and website details. If clients like your Facebook page they usually want to find out more on a website. We won’t worry about this right now. We will go over how to make a website later.

You do have to make a decision here about your email and phone number. Having those listed on a Facebook business page makes them public information. It’s really easy to make a new email address… but a second phone number can be expensive. This is your decision to make. I only have one phone line and its working out alright so far. But if that phone line was getting too much attention I would get a new personal line and let my old number get absorbed into the business.

The last area is a general ‘About’ section. There is some technical stuff here that you don’t need to worry about. The very first area called ‘About’ again… you will want to make a very quick blurb here on what your services are. Try to stick to search words that people might look up, like your profession and town.