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  1. What is a cumulative health record?
    • A cumulative health record is an electronic health record system where each client has one chart and many providers can get access to it.
    • This type of system is still secure and meets Canadian health privacy legislation as each provider must 'break the glass' and open each sealed chart.
    • When a provider discharges a client the chart becomes sealed again. This provider must break the glass again to access the chart, even if they were the provider who made the chart in the first place.
    • Many large health regions use systems like this as it improves the efficiency of their teams. This also helps with cross-professional collaboration.
  2. What if I don't want any other provider seeing my chart entry because of sensitive information?
    • The E-HIS System has a 'lock box' feature where you can stop other users in the clients care circle from seeing your chart entry.
    • This lock box has an extra option that allows you to share the chart with users that you indicate and only them. This makes sure that only the professionals that need to know the sensitive information are informed but stops the whole team from knowing when it might not be relevant to their role.