Beliefs – Limiting or Liberating?

We all have dreams but not all of us act on our dreams.  Why is that?  Well it has a lot to do with the beliefs that we have.  Sometimes the beliefs we hold liberate us and we act and other times our beliefs are limiting beliefs which hold us back.  The strange thing is that sometimes we do not even know that we are being impeded by our beliefs.

The best thing for us to do is to analyze the beliefs we hold to see if they are helping us move forward in our lives or whether we have become stagnant. Beliefs are our thoughts and feelings and they determine the choices and decisions we make or do not make.  To make changes we actually have to be aware of what we believe.  Do you hear the voices in your head?  Even more importantly - are you controlling the voices or are they controlling you?  We are often sabotaged by the limiting beliefs that catch us off guard.

Once you are aware of the common beliefs that limit you then you can re-frame them.  Change your outlook on life and be willing to take some risks.  Believe in your dream and move forward.  Fight off the fear and doubts - they will always be there and everyone faces them. Place confidence in yourself and have self-trust.  It is a skill that takes practice but each time you push past the fear and do what you love it will become easier and easier.

Remember that you can actively choose what your believe.  Replace the negative, limiting thoughts with positive, practical empowering thoughts.  It takes willingness to change, making an active choice on what you will do differently, and then practice.  The belief is changed when you act on it.




The bottom of all our excuses is the fear of failure and as I discover more and more these days - "fear is a liar."  Fear is normal and understandable but it keeps us immobilized .  So what if you fail...everyone has failed in their life and life continues.

Interface with your fear and it can motivate us to not give up on the hard days.  Be more committed to moving forward in your dream that staying stuck in your reality.  If you don't act on your dream, you are by default acting on your fears and limiting beliefs.  Change causes doubts and concerns to rise up but it is how you deal with them that is the telling factor.

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