Spring Clean Your Life

Marcia Wieder states in her book, Doing Less and Having More, “As you realize what matters to you, it will also become evident what doesn’t matter.”

Sit and ponder that statement and you will realize how true it is.  What is true for you and what is important to you?  When you discover these things, it will also help you to realize what is not working for you.  You may need to let go of your old security blankets that are no longer working for you – this may be people, outdated ideas, and old habits that are no longer serving you in a positive way.

Can you distinguish between what is valuable in your life and what is not?

Many people do spring cleaning every year and symbolically we need to do spring cleaning in our lives as well. Throw away or release what is no longer needed in your life. Doing this will unburden your life and help you shed unnecessary weight that is resting on your shoulders.

Create space in your life!

To do this you may need to complete tasks that have been left undone. If you feel stuck, full of confusion or indecision it may be a signal to you that there is something incomplete and holding you hostage. Clear out the clutter, clean up your messes and design a way of operating that will stop them from reoccurring.

What things make you feel out of sorts?

Some things people struggle with can be - a messy house - clothes thrown on the floor of your room -bills not paid -dirty dishes piled high in the sink - papers piled high on your desk. Often what is taking place in our sphere of living can be indicative of what is going on inside of us. Recognize what you are being sloppy about and clean it up.

Take inventory of your current reality – be honest – the more honest you can be with yourself the more likely you are to be able to make lasting changes. Where are you currently – what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be in the future.

Step 1: Write down things that are incomplete – with anyone or anything – are you settled or bothered by it – are you worrying about it – if you are at ease it is a good indication that the task is complete but if not you need to face the challenge.

Step 2: Take the items you discovered in step one and describe what is incomplete

Step 3: Write out how you can complete it.

Some items involve people – some may involve writing a letter, making a phone call, or just declaring and deciding that something is “over with” and moving on.


Remember to have grace for yourself and others during the process of completing things and don’t become a control addict. Stay cheerful and have sense of humour about it all. Just work a making your life whole and complete.

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