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Get your clinic set up with E-HIS's latest web applications and efficient management approach.

Onboard your team into Guardian EMR to start easily managing tasks, completing charting on-time, and measuring your clinic performance with the automated reports. Track all your clinic equipment and clinician certifications with StreamTech our affiliate application. The Web and Mobile based application sends you notifications when your equipment needs inspections and lets you know when you need to book a recertification course for your clinicians.

Heidi Watson will then walk you through how to assess your clinic's current performance, create workstandards, and processes for your clinic to make day to day operations happen efficiently and without error. This process will save your team time and decrease on frustration helping prevent high turn over rates in your staff.

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Here are a few of our courses to help you diversify your private practice approach and security

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Here are some great posts from our blog that talk about what it is like to manage the stress of leading a team while still being a clinician.