The Efficient Clinic Coaching Package

Heidi has spent the last decade in private practice and has helped dozens of clinicians breakthrough and start their own clinics. Her unique approach uses evidence-based models to significantly increase your clinic’s bottom line. She has been a speaker for multiple conferences over the years including SEDA, SSOT, and FSIN

The efficient clinic program is a LEAN-based approach to walk you through how to assess your clinic’s current performance, create work standards, and processes for your clinic to make day-to-day operations happen efficiently and without error. This process will save your team time and decrease frustration helping prevent high turnover rates in your staff.

To improve your clinic’s performance further and we will assess which of our software packages can help you to reduce costs further and improve profitability, security, and legislation compliance.

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Expand Your Practice Toolkit

Here are a few of our courses to help you diversify your private practice approach and security

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