Health Information – Privacy Officer Training


To make setting up your private practice easier we have developed a worksheet based online course that will guide you through all the PIPEDA requirements. You will complete a risk assessment on your business as well as develop policies and record keeping standards.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are required by the PIPEDA. You will be guided through your first risk assessment with a worksheet. You will also use this worksheet and the information and resources provided to design a risk assessment procedure for your business.

Policy Development
Policies may seem big business but they are helpful in guiding you and your staff through different scenarios you may encounter on a daily basis. You will be given a policy template to work off of and a list of policies required by the PIPEDA and what each policy should comment on.
Record Keeping Standards
This section of the course reviews the record keeping system that you have chosen to use for your private practice. You will be asked to complete a worksheet that reviews how your system meets the security standards required by the PIPEDA