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Here at E-HIS we're always looking for passionate guest bloggers! If you are interested in writing for our blog just fill out the form below. We would love to get your guest writing account set up as soon as possible.

Why you should Guest Blog with us:


Get your thoughts out there! Establish yourself as an expert in your field of knowledge. Help other clinicians expand their knowledge and continue their professional development.


Plug into the Canadian allied health community. Make vital business connections with other health professionals in your field.


EHIS provides you will all the training you need to be able to develop your own WordPress Blog, Online Courses, Search Engine Optimization and more!


Guest bloggers who publish their works with E-HIS and contribute regular content have the opportunity to before staff writers! We are also very open to you connecting your posts to your own personal Facebook pages or websites. The more affiliates the better!

Why we value your writing

Knowledge Sharing

Your articles can share knowledge that you may think we all know... but we don't! Our readers are from all the different health professions. There is only so much time in our university programs and each profession will prioritize different topics. Your knowledge may be new and valuable information that really improves another professionals practice.


Writing about your experiences helps to develop and support the skills of others in your field. Think about that feeling when you are unsure of yourself and finding that perfect article that confirms your training and clinical judgment. You can now be the one providing that guidance and wisdom.

Public Awareness

With your writing, you can help to develop the public awareness of your health profession. Let them know what we do and why we do it. Awareness is the first step towards more programs and services getting the funding they really need to support Canadians across the country.