The following services may be provided for a variety of concerns, diagnoses or reasons, including but not exclusive to the following:
Autism, ADHD, sensory difficulties, genetic disorders, FASD, behavioural difficulties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, fine motor fifficulties, Anxiety, Depression, social difficulties, difficulties with self-care (dressing, feeding, toileting, bathing, grooming, etc.), Developmental Delays (from infancy to early childhood, onward).

Daycare or Classroom Screen: With consent from all applicable parents/caregivers, will come spend time with kids, observe daycare/classroom interactions/behaviour, and speak with person(s) in charge regarding any specific concerns or difficulties. Will arrange one-on-one assessment and further intervention based on need identified from initial group-screen and/or concerns from caregivers. Further assessment and intervention can take place at home or at school/daycare, based on child’s and parents’ need and preference.

School-Based Assessment and Intervention: School Therapists have large caseloads and often aren’t able to see students on a regular basis to provide regular one-on-one intervention. This service is to assess and further supplement any school related OT needs with more frequent intervention. Referral reasons may include: sensory processing difficulties, attention difficulties, fine motor/handwriting difficulties, social difficulties, learning disabilities, etc.

Home-Based Assessment and Intervention: Assessment and intervention provided in your home and/or other environments the child may be having difficulties in (school/daycare). Assessment can also be set up at school, however it is preferred that the parent is present in order to identify any issues at home. Continued intervention can be set up either at home or at school and frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) will be based on child’s and parents’ needs and preference.

Consultative Services: Consist of assessment and report with recommendations, discussion with parents of report and specific recommendations/activities that the parent can do with the child to promote growth and development. Follow-up to check-in and reassess would be based on need (once a month, every 6-8 weeks, every 6 months, etc.). Recommendations will be tweaked and changed as the child makes progress, however the parents are responsible for doing “homework” with the child in order to achieve goals.

Pre-School Screening Assessment and Report: For ages birth to 5 to identify and support any significant delays in development or worries/concerns that a parent may have. Full assessment with report provided and explained to caregivers including recommendations to support ongoing developmental progress. Continued consultation/intervention available based on need if required or requested, provided as one of the services above.

Group Therapy and/or Educational Workshops: Including but not exclusive to: Fine Motor Groups/Camps, Handwriting Groups/Camps or Education, Sensory Regulation Groups/Camps, Emotional Regulation and/or Coping Skills Groups/Camps. Groups/Camps and Education will run depending on interest and numbers.

Assessments are generally play-based as well as gathering information from parents and caregivers. Goals are set to meet both the child’s and parents’ needs and priorities. For older children, assessments may be more education-based, and/or discussion-based due to increased independence than for infants and young children. Counseling services are also available upon request. Standardized assessments may also be available upon request, however may be an additional cost.