Meet the Team

Heidi Watson, CEO

Heidi Watson is the founder and CEO of the Canadian Electronic Health Information System, a company that supports health professionals in private practice. Heidi is also the owner of an occupational therapy private practice in southern Saskatchewan. She is responsible for client care, staff management, and marketing activities. After seeing the need for a simple and modern solution for client charting in her own practice, she began designing the features for the E-HIS software application, Guardian EMR, in 2016.

Joy Watson

Joy is an accomplished nature lover, jack of all trades, willing to try new things every day, type of person.  Depending on what season of the year it is, you may find her working as a substitute teacher, part time E-HIS writer/editor, or Park Patrol Officer.  Joy worked as an Autism therapist and Educational Assistant, while raising her children. She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. She was awarded the Gold Medal for highest standing in the Bachelor of Education program.

Stephanie Fedak

Stephanie Fedak is the mother of three amazing children, and she has a love of learning and meeting new people.  She provides training, consultation,and coaching in online course creation, distance education, educational technology, digital marketing, as well as providing instructional design services.  She has worked as a Registered Psychologist in Weyburn, SK since 2000, and she has also worked in private practice, as well as a contractor for an online counselling service and as a provider counselling services for various organizations.

Sharni Fulton

Sharni is an Australian by birth but abandoned the country in search of cooler weather. She has lived in small-town Saskatchewan for 5 years and has no dreams of turning back. You can find her rolling around in the snow drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle.With her husband and her boisterous son, Sharni is growing their own farming and soil sampling business and have dreams of owning a quarter to build on in the future. She passed up on secondary education in favor of traveling the world but has since worked in many different vocational fields. Her current job as Personal Assisstant has been the highlight of her career. She believes that the greatest joy in the world in answering emails and scheduling meetings.

Mercedes Redman

Mercedes Redman is a proud Indigenous woman from Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. She is currently interning at E-HIS and attending post-secondary full time. She is pursuing a diploma in Indigenous Communications Arts at the First Nations University of Canada. Mercedes is interested in pursuing a career in journalism and communications and this internship will give her experience and knowledge in the field.

Robin Watson

Robin Watson is a tech guru of the best kind. He loves online gaming and helping you set up your electronics. For E-HIS he is the Social Media Manager, Blog site security, comments, and plug-in updater. Occasionally he even does some graphic design and photo editing. You can always find him hanging out in his apartment with his headset on chilling with his cat Buck.