What is StreamTECH

This web based application connects your administration staff to your front line staff.

StreamTECH is a cloud based application that is built to create efficiencies in workflow, safety, employee management, equipment maintenance, and communication.


What devices can I use?

StreamTECH works on your phone and computer. There are a few differences in functions available depending on the device you are on.

Web App

All of the features available can be used on the web app. This version of the application helps your administration staff work on:

  • Creating and managing your clinic profile
  • Manage your front line clinicians schedule & time-sheets
  • Manage your employee records
  • Manage your safety records on your medical equipment
  • Manage your records on company vehicles
  • Create your own custom forms for inspections or any other important documents
  • Post announcements to staff
  • Review and sign-off on forms added by other users

Your front line staff are also able to log in to the application but with more limited access. They can securely add and review their employee profiles and important clinic documents.

Mobile App

The mobile app version of the program makes it easy for your staff to access and view important clinic documents no matter where they are. This is how most of your clinics communication and information sharing will happen. Especially when you have clinicians working out of different offices or in the community.

  • Receive notifications
  • Receive clinic announcements and sign them off
  • Record maintenance completed on medical equipment
  • Record mileage and maintenance on company vehicles
  • Perform inspections as needed
  • View documents
  • Fill out forms
  • View user profiles


There are different versions of this application that you can subscribe to. This allows you to use the features you need and not get distracted by features that don't help your clinic run smoother day to day.

Each version contains all of the features of all the lower tier versions:

StreamTECH Lite - Launch March 2019

This entry level version allows you to publish important clinic documents for your staff to access.

StreamTECH Standard - Launch May 2019

This version allows you to add and manage equipment and company vehicles. You are also able to make your own custom forms.

StreamTECH Premium - Launch Dec 2019

Create workflow processes for your administrative and front end clinicians.

StreamTECH Professional - Launch 2020

This version allows your to have GPS safety tracking of your community therapists. This allows you to maintain live communication with therapists who may be servicing high risk populations.


Learn more about our Features

Announcements (lite)

Easily make quick announcements & reminders to your staff about upcoming meetings. Or create a more in depth announcement that discusses more information like policy changes, required training, or upcoming inspections.

  • Schedule announcements or send immediately
  • Send to all your staff or select specific clinicians
  • Attach files
  • Know who has read your announcement with the sign-off feature. Clinicians must check off that they have read the announcement before they can dismiss the alert. Administrative staff are able to see who has viewed the announcement
  • Archive announcements when they are no longer needed, while being able to look back at your teams performance and collaboration for annual performance reviews

Documents (lite)

Store and have access to all of your clinics important management documents.

  • Store and filter documents in your own customizable categories
  • Search for documents on your phone or computer
  • Set expiry dates on important audits and have the document owner receive a notification
  • Set a document to download on your phone so that you can be offline and still view important information

Users (lite)

Keeping track of your clinicians and their information can become overwhelming. With StreamTECH you are able to keep your employee records, licences, and certifications up to date.

  • Personal documents folder for information that only the clinician and admin can see
  • Certification tickets are stored and notifications are sent out to the clinician and admin when they are close to expiring (TLR, CPR, etc)
  • Annual notifications to update personal information like address, phone number, and emergency contacts
  • Admins are able to manage users locations, departments, and roles in the clinic
  • Filter which users are able to see what documents and what kind of editing authority they have

Assets (standard)

Assets are identifiable pieces of equipment that you clinic manages or owns. You are able to develop your own categories for keeping your equipment organized.

  • Each asset will have all its information in one place which allows everyone to see its age, most recent safety audit, and maintenance records.
  • Search through assets and print reports on maintenance, inspections, etc

Maintenance Logs (standard)

Maintenance logs are a list of all the maintenance that has been done on an asset. It allows a user to record any maintenance done and if there are any issues left over. This way the user responsible for the asset is notified of any outstanding issues.

  • Record maintenance completed at a shop or in clinic
  • Users are able to print off maintenance records for each asset
  • Get notifications when an audit is overdue
  • Schedule maintenance to be performed at different intervals (weekly, monthly, exact date)
  • Receive notifications when audits or maintenance need to be performed

Inspections (standard)

Similar to our maintenance logs you can set up inspections at pre-defined intervals for specific assets.

  • Create custom audit/inspection forms for each asset category
  • Schedule re-occuring inspections
  • Get notified when an asset fails an audit
  • Get notified when a scheduled audit was not performed (over 7 days late)

Task Tracking (premium)

Allows you to view and manage your clinics to do list. Users can be made responsible for tasks and administrators are able to see what is left to be completed and who is taking care of it.

  • Assign users to complete tasks
  • Monitor task completion
  • Allow auditors to view requested maintenance/task completion

Safety Events (premium)

Track and easily update your clinics safety events. There are all the moments throughout the day that your front line clinicians are dedicating to safety for your staff and clients.

  • Near miss reports
  • Incident reports
  • Safety moments
  • Incident investigations

Workflow (premium)

This features allows your office staff and clinicians to get paperwork reviewed and filed easily. As paperwork is filled out administrators can review and sign off for storage to be accessed at a later date.

Forms (premium)

Digitizing custom company forms allows your clinicians and office staff to fill our required documents digitally.

  • Use pre-made or custom built forms
  • Once a form is completed it is sent to the appropriate user for review

Scheduler (professional)

This allows you to schedule your clinicians working days / on-call while simultaneously booking equipment

  • Schedule employees and equipment
  • Users are request time off
  • Can have a on-call schedule
  • Better tracking of equipment usage

Time Tracker (professional)

Allows users to input their time sheet by clocking in and out. This allows for better communication with your employees without breaching client confidentiality by viewing their client schedules.

  • GPS clock in and out
  • GPS updates throughout the day
  • Time sheets can be edited by the user, optional ability to need approval from supervisor

Live View (professional)

Get a live view of all your clinic operations

  • Small sounds when events are completed
  • Can view progress made throughout the day
  • Keep track of users being in unexpected places or in a client home too long

Safety Link (professional)

This gives your users a closer link to help if they need. With ability to have your clinicians notify you when they are in a emergency situation

  • Call for help button directly linked to supervisor, gives GPS location