Sub domain Registration

Why register for an E-HIS Sub Domain?

If you do not yet own your own website, you can register for one of our subdomains instead

This is a great solution for part-time private practices or solo practitioners to get online presence fast. You will get the benefit of web hosting, domain name, and a secure site (https).

Our subdomains are only a toonie a month and you get to avoid the headache of managing your own website.

What are the Costs?

Services Basic Subscription $2/month Premium Subscription $10/month
Subdomain Site x x
WordPress Site Management x x
Security Ticket x x
Client-directed online booking x
Website Support x

Website Support: Your site will be monitored by our staff to make sure that your WordPress themes and plugins are kept up to date. We will also keep an eye out for any spam that gets through to your site. Feel free to contact us for help when you are working on your site and run into trouble.

Online Booking: Your clients will be able to book your services through your subdomain. Click HERE to see an example of our online booking.

Additional Services

WordPress Training ($200): Get a 2 hour one on one video meeting with one of our WordPress experts to learn the basics of your new WordPress site.

Custom How to Videos (50$/video): We will build you a custom step by step how to video that you can play and pause while you work on your site.

Site Building (60$/page): our amazing E-HIS staff will build your site for you! Just fill out our website requirements form and send us your pictures.

How to Register?

Registration is a simple as filling out and submitting the form below then setting up your subscription!

What characters are allowed in a Sub Domain?

Subdomains can only have letters, numbers, and hyphens. Special Characters and spaces cannot be used.

I've registered my subdomain, when will my site become active?

Activation of your site may take up to 24 hours. Expect contact from our team if you sign up for our premium subscription or site building support.

Step 1:

Register Sub Domain Information
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Step 2:

Set up your Subscription (OR if you haven't already, get a free sub-domain with an E-HIS Subscription)

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