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Occupational therapy is an important aspect of supporting children with autism. Through the use of evidence-based interventions, occupational therapists can help children with autism improve their social skills, enhance their sensory processing, improve fine motor skills, develop self-care skills, engage in play and leisure activities, address behavior challenges, and support independence in daily activities. These interventions can help children with autism to better participate in the activities that are important to them, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

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Improving social skills

Occupational therapists can help individuals with autism improve their social skills by providing interventions that focus on developing the skills needed for social interactions, such as eye contact, communication, and problem-solving.

Enhancing sensory processing

Many individuals with autism have difficulty processing sensory information, and occupational therapists can help them to develop strategies to better cope with overwhelming sensory input.

Improving self-care skills

Occupational therapists can help individuals with autism to develop the skills needed for self-care, such as grooming and hygiene, and teach them the skills they need to be independent.

Promoting play and leisure

Occupational therapists can help individuals with autism to engage in play and leisure activities that are appropriate for their developmental level and interests.

Addressing behavior challenges

Occupational therapists can help individuals with autism address behavior challenges by identifying the underlying causes of the behavior and providing interventions to address them.

Supporting Independence

Occupational therapists can support individuals with autism to be more independent in their daily activities, in order to promote a better quality of life

What to expect from an OT session

We make sure that you and your loved one feel safe and confident in each OT session. Our approach is play based and we help your child learn by gently challenging them each session. It is important that we develop a strong therapeutic relationship and some sessions will be spent specifically on developing trust.

We treat your child in-home because we believe that they are most comfortable in that setting; with their own toys and family present. Also, you don't have to worry about packing the whole family up to make it on time to a clinic-based therapy session.  Please don't worry about the state of the house, we have messy houses too. Our goal is to make Therapy a helpful addition to the weekly routine.