Cognitive Assessment

Improve your loved ones Cognitive Abilities

Occupational Therapists can help support and assess your loved ones' Cognitive function to make sure they are safe to continue driving and to stay at home alone. Assessments can be practical assessments, quick screenings, or in-depth standardized assessments of memory, reasoning, attention, and executive function. We then take this one step further to see how any cognitive changes might be impacting performance in daily activities. Including self-care, leisure, and even work.

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For Regina and Area

Cognition and driving

Have your loved ones' skills checked in relation to driving. For example the ability to pay attention to multiple things happening at once.

Home Safety

Have your loved ones assessed in their own home to see if they are safe during cooking activities and completing household maintenance tasks.

Condition Tracking

If your loved one has been recently diagnosed with a cognitive condition like dementia you can have them assessed by an OT every 6 months to track any changes in cognition and potential responses to medications.

COVID-19 Changes

We make sure that your safety is our highest priority. To ensure your loved ones are safe we continue to wear protective equipment like masks and to keep social distance when able.

You can book your assessment by texting Stephanie at 306-570-4066