Virtual Services

Occupational Therapy with Heidi $180 (60 min)

Occupational Therapist $90 (30 min)

Occupational Therapy Assistant $100 (60 min)

Occupational Therapy Assistant $50 (30 min)

Get access to Occupational Therapy sessions fast from the convenience of your own home. Our team provides focused attention to you or your loved ones’ needs. We work directly with you to build your skills while also guiding you on how to continue progress outside of our sessions.

Our virtual sessions take place on Zoom for Healthcare, a secure encrypted platform. Sessions can be accessed using cellphones, tablets, or computers with web cameras, ensuring flexibility and ease of use

Appropriate for: Pediatrics, Adults, and Geriatric Clients

In-person Services

Occupational Therapy with Stephanie $140 (60 min)

General Service (Regina Only)

Our in-person sessions are one-on-one, providing focused attention to your needs. We work directly with you or your loved one to develop individualized intervention plans.

Appropriate for: Adults, and Geriatric Clients


Travel Time (Outside of Weyburn)


Travel Mileage (per KM)

OT Combined Decongestive Therapy with Heidi $160

Lymph Drainage Massage

CDT-certified edema management for lymphedema care, post-surgical edema, and other general swelling.

(Assessment) $40

(Reorder) $35

SAIL Compression Program (Weyburn only)

Compression stocking orders for clients who qualify for the provincial funding program and meet one of the following requirements:

  • Needing medical compression between 20-40mmHg
  • Swelling is still unmanaged with water pills or elevation
  • Conditions that may include a History of clots (DVT) or ulcers, Hypertrophic Scarring, Lymphedema, or Paraplegia