Technology PROS and CONS

Handwriting, Needed or Not

Touchscreens are a fact of our daily lives. Little ones are starting to learn how to use touchscreen devices faster than how to hold a crayon. The question is... is this bad? There is lots of evidence about why handwriting is important and how it supports your child's development, so today we are going to chat about just the impact of technology:

PRO: Touchscreen programs improve reaction time.

CON: Touchscreens give off a blue light that blocks melatonin release, making it harder to fall asleep.

PRO: Touchscreens work with - writing utensil imitation - styluses which help develop handwriting.

CON: Touchscreen games trigger dopamine release...frequently... which may create an addiction.

PRO: There are educational games that make learning fun!

CON: Children need immediate feedback on their speech to help them learn, technology cannot provide this.

PRO: We live in a digital world so understanding how to use the latest technology will allow our children to be successful in the future.

CON: Most programs do not allow for imagination and want the child to follow specific steps. Imagination is key for innovation, problem-solving, and so much more.

Some people don't allow their children to be exposed to screens until the age of two. Others use it for long trips or restaurants. What do you think, what will you do?

Speaking of those benefits of handwriting here are some free printouts from the OT toolkit!