Welcome Amy Fama

Hey there EHIS tribe!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Amy Fama.

Like you I have had the itch to start my own business, run my own show, which meant quite a bit of freedom and hard work ahead.

Aaaaand…if you’re like me, maybe you’re feeling like you’re juggling 12 balls in the air desperately trying not to drop one.

I feel ya.

How the heck are you supposed to be juggling practicing, managing, accounting, marketing etc. etc. etc. all at the same time?

Well, I started a small company called Fama Local not so that I could open my own physio/chiro/kinesiology clinic, but rather to help YOU GUYS run yours.

I’m an expert juggler.

So where is your next patient coming from?

I help clinic owners like YOU keep bringing in NEW patients every week using lead generation systems online.

So let’s chat about how I can help get your clinic booming.

So you can stop worrying about where your next patient is coming from and get back to the stuff about being a clinic owner that you love.

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